Soccer Patch Patches

These Iron-On Soccer Ball Patches Make Great Incentives For Practice or Game Attendance. 30 different kinds - as low as 34 cents each - the highest quality iron-on motivational soccer patches. These soccer patches really work. Coaches use them to motivate players and as rewards. One of our new patches is a B for Bravery. We also have 2 colors of lightning bolts for Hustle and you can use patches to motivate Practice Attendance and Effort. If your players come to practice, hustle, and are tough and aggressive, that will make a big difference.

Soccer players love these iron-on soccer ball patches. They are great incentives and really look good on the player's jerseys. Colors can signify achievements; such as a black patch for each 2 practices or games attended, red for hustle or brave play, green for assists, blue/yellow for good defense, etc. Our players loved these and many coaches asked us where to buy them, so we decided to offer them. When we coached, parents made donations to buy them. They could also be a good item to sell for a club fundraiser. They are imported and custom made for us to our specifications. Read 400 Testimonials for our Soccer Patches

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red white soccer patch blue white soccer patch black white soccer patch light blue white soccer patch green white soccer patch blue yellow soccer patch

1 inch diameter, iron-on, 100% embroidery, available in multiples of 10


maroon white soccer patch pink white soccer patch green yellow soccer patch gold blue soccer patch white orange soccer patch white purple soccer patch

1 inch diameter, iron-on, 100% embroidery, available in multiples of 10


(Our exclusive design. Design trademark applied for.)

red star soccer patch gold star soccer patch blue star soccer patch green star soccer patch
bright orange star patch purple star patch silver star patch black star patch

1 inch diameter, iron-on, 100% embroidery, available in multiples of 10


lightning bolt yellow patch lightning bolt soccer patch lucky shamrock soccer patch defense soccer patch victory soccer patch

golden a soccer patch red a soccer patch bravery patch happy face soccer patch t soccer patch c soccer patch

A for Attitude, Effort or Assists... D for Defense... V for Victory or Voices

T for Teamwork or Terrific... C for Courage, Champion, Challenge or Commitment.

Or make up your own meanings to motivate your team to do the things you want them to do.

See the Patch Handouts page for how Coaches & teachers use our patches for motivation.

D for Defense. T for Teamwork. A for Attitude, Effort or Assists. Or make up your own.

1 inch diameter, iron-on, 100% embroidery, available in multiples of 10

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  • One inch (26 mm) diameter and 100% embroidery (this is preferable and superior to many patches)
  • Excellent construction and iron-on backing with superior adhesion
  • Easy to Iron On

"My kids love the patches! This is my very first year ever coaching soccer, and I'm having a blast! My kids are the envy of every team in our league!" Coach Chris, Delaware

"These are fantastic! My guys kill themselves for the patches, and they look great." Coach Mark, VA, USA

"I'm so excited to have found you, I've been paying $1 a patch, so this will save me lots of money. Thank you once again." Coach April, USA

"My second order and we have had only one game. I started giving them out for best practice players and if they made every practice. Our team scored 11 goals!" Coach Scott, WI, USA

"I can't say enough about the tried and true results of using these patches! This very same team that lost ALL 8 games in the fall, won 7 out of 8 games this spring!!! The kids wanted those patches!!!" Coach Gayla, Missouri